Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lessons Hamsters Teach Me (2)

Hamsters are always fighting to get to the food bowl first only to gather all the food in their mouth and dumping it somewhere else in the cage. They hoard their food. Especially Peanut. She jumps in the food bowl immediately and takes up all the space while Fluffy tries to get in. Then she nom's all the food up and moves it to another corner of her cage.
I think it's time that I learn how to hoard some of my things too.
Like chips and candy. I'm going to need to hide it in another corner so it doesn't disappear down other people's esophagus.
Which leads me to my next point... THE CASE OF THE MISSING PAPER CUTTER HAS BEEN SOLVED!
It's been missing for a couple months now and I made a lot of noise in my house recently to warn everyone that I'm looking for it. I even tore up my room to look for it myself but I was pretty sure I didn't have it (since I don't lose things in my room).
But guess where I found it ... -.-
Well, I didn't find it but I stormed into my brother's room and asked him if he knew where it went and he pointed to the paper cutter sitting on the side of his many boxes in his extremely messy room.
I have now kept it safe in my room away from the hands of other family members. (:
Hoarding - the perfect defence mechanism

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