Friday, May 6, 2011

Exciting Notations (:

Hey Everyone!

I believe I haven't welcomed my new followers yet! So, to all those who have been and are now following me, Hello, And Welcome! (:

This weekend is going to be exciting (I believe,) and it has already started out just right.

  • I finally made an above 90% mark on a test in Calculus :D
    I'm super ecstatic that finally received the mark I would have liked to get throughout my grade 12 year for math. Too bad I messed up somewhere along the way and became dumb. (And honestly, I don't understand why my Calc. teacher hates me ... it's not like I ever rolled my eyes purposely in front of her :/ )
  • I got ALL THREE university acceptances.
    That is a great feat, I tell you ... Especially with my marks and the fluctuating and Mokrytskiy (I had to look his name up on myclass LOL) and barely passing and the retaking and night school; the list goes on and on.
    Now, someone please help me decide: Waterloo, Guelph or Macmaster?
  • I'm going downtown tomorrow! Going to celebrate my one year anniversary with my boyfraand! (And possibly score some free coke :P)
  • Sunday, I'm going to work on some bio project with Stella! We're going to have fun (I hope), but we'll probably just procrastinate like we always do xD
  • Monday is a day off! No School~ Hurray for PD days!
    Probably going to spend the day working on the project with Stella again, but at least I get to sleep in (:

I think it's safe to say Life's Good (:
And thank God I don't have to worry about too many things! (: <3

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